The Harsh Truth About Why Your Resume Isn’t Working

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It’s Too Long/Hard To Read

  • Your name and contact details.
  • A brief intro statement about you (2–3 lines at most).
  • Your work experience — at most only list out your 5 most recent positions, and only include additional detail for the most recent 2 (or if applicable, the most relevant 2). The additional information should be limited to 3–4 short bullet points for the two roles.
  • Your education/qualifications — only the relevant ones, listed in bullet form.
Example resume content and layout

It’s Not Relevant To The Job

  • The requirements of the job are usually listed in order of importance, so if you’re struggling to prioritize, focus on the ones listed first.
  • Where possible, try to cover similar requirements in a single bullet e.g. telephone skills, customer service and multi-tasking for a client facing position.
  • For any of your skills that don’t make the cut, make a note of these and cover them in your interview.
  • If you don’t have a specific skill they’re looking for that seems key to the role, demonstrate that you’re willing to learn and can acquire and apply new skills quickly.

It’s Vague

Final Thoughts




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Jacob Shaw

Jacob Shaw

Money, productivity and career. Visit

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